10 Things To Do on a Lazy Sunday
10 Things to Do on a Lazy Sunday 
There’s almost nothing better than a lazy Sunday. Seriously, how can you beat a day at home relaxing in your pyjamas? Lazy Sundays are the perfect time to refresh your mind, body, and soul and finish off the weekend with a smile. It’s even better when you can make the most of your day by getting a few chores done that relieve your stress and set you up for success.
Your next lazy Sunday, give one or all of these 10 ideas a shot.
  1. Plan Ahead: Take an hour of your Sunday to plan for the week ahead. Grab your Leather Binder Ring Notepad off your desk and make a list of what you need to achieve to feel successful and less stressed. Your list can include work items, chores around the house, or personal priorities and tasks that you’d like to complete.
  2. Write Down Your Goals: Writing out your goals can be an extremely eye-opening and helpful tool. It will force you to clarify what you really want and motivate you to take action to get there. If you’ve got some spare time on a Sunday, what better way to prepare for the week ahead than to write down what you want to achieve going forward? For more tips on goal writing check out our past blog 4 Keys to Achieving Your Goals here. 
  3. Pamper Yourself: Before yet another busy Monday morning, take Sunday to feel refreshed with a little pampering. Take a long bubble bath. Paint your nails or try out your favourite makeup tutorial on YouTube. Whatever you enjoy let yourself indulge a little bit. 
  4. Exercise: You don’t have to stay on your couch all day for a lazy Sunday. Get outside and do some gentle exercise. Consider going for a brief 30-minute walk or spending some time on your yoga mat. You’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel!
  5. Go Shopping: If you have free time, why not use it for a little retail therapy. The good news is that you don’t have to leave the house. Head to your favourite online stores to pick up something for yourself or organise those presents you’ve been meaning to buy - our Mum’s The Word Gift Pack is perfect for a last minute Mother’s Day buy!
  6. Catch Up: Goodness knows that we’re always so busy during the week that we get behind on personal (or other) admin. Use Sunday to catch up with your friends via a phone call. Or check out your favourite blogs online and come up with a few crafts, recipes, or workouts you want to try out for the week ahead.
  7. Organise Your Space: Being unorganised is stressful. Ditch the anxiety by spending a few hours organising your master closet, your home office, or your kitchen pantry. If you need help, use your Phoenix Feather Pen Black to jot down what you need to purchase for better organisation.
  8. Cook a Good Meal: We get it. Sometimes all you have time to eat during the week is takeout - and that’s okay! But that doesn’t mean you should always be stuck with restaurant or fast food. Instead, have a look through your best recipe books or search for recipes online and plan a home cooked meal on Sunday afternoon. Make your favourite dish, sit down, and enjoy eating at home.
  9. Read a Book: You spend most of your week pouring over boring work-related documents and emails. On Sunday, it’s your chance to ditch the dull reads and to lose yourself in the pleasure of a good book. Plus, reading has been shown to improve brain function and reduce stress.
  10. Write in Your Journal: A lazy Sunday is the perfect time to reflect on your life and figure out your next steps. Every few weeks you should take a moment to write in your Words To Live By Leather Journal and get your thoughts and feelings down on paper. Writing helps you see past issues and get to the heart of the problem or simply express gratitude and reflect on yourself.

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