DIY Metallic Easter Eggs
Are you feeling like you need a craft challenge but don’t want to start on a huge arty project that you won’t get time to finish? We’ve got the perfect solution for you (and no, it doesn’t involve chocolate or hot crossed buns)!
Our metallic Easter eggs are simple, quick and look gorgeous on your table once they’re done!
What you’ll need:
- 12 Eggs (or as many as you’d like to decorate)
- Scissors
- 1 x Pack of Metallic Temporary Tattoos
(we used Flash Tattoos – you can find them here:
- 1 x Damp kitchen sponge
- A wide bowl or decorative tray
   What you'll need...
To get started, cut out all the temporary tattoo designs you’re going to use on your eggs. We used Flash Tattoos because they have a wide range of gorgeous designs with a little bit of bohemian flair! If you can’t find these, any metallic temporary tattoo will work from Etsy or EBay (just make sure you’re happy with the designs before you buy!)
Cut out your designs...
Next you will need to dampen your kitchen sponge (more water is better than less). Take your tattoo design and decide where you’d like to position it on your egg. Once you’re ready, peel off the protective top layer and place the design face down on the egg (if your tattoos came with instructions a little different from this, follow them instead - your egg will take to the tattoo just like skin).
Hold your tattoo onto the egg and then press the damp sponge into the backing paper, making sure to dampen the whole design, for at least 30 seconds. Try not to move the design while you’re doing this as it can warp or crease the design. When the backing paper is damp enough it should peel off to reveal your newly decorated egg! Give your egg 30 seconds to dry and then that’s it! You’re done – simple as that!
   The Final Product - Metallic Easter Eggs!
Once you’re done with all the eggs, place them in a bowl or on a tray face up. Leave them on your coffee table or use them as your centrepiece on the Easter Sunday lunch table for a touch of holiday style!
Tip: Another way to create beautiful egg decorations simply is with Washi tape! Cut into different shapes or just create stripes with the tape to give your eggs another modern look for Easter!
- JID x

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