How to Fix Writer's Block & Boost Creativity
Have you ever stared at a blank page or project and wondered, “what now?”. We’ve all been there!
Creative blocks are beyond frustrating. Sometimes it feels like your muse is gone, your brain is frozen, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s not that you’re bored or tired. You’re actually at a loss about how to move forward and get things done. You’re not alone. 
There’s no doubt that living a creative life isn’t easy. Chasing your artistic goals and dreams can be a daunting task whether you’re a painter, a writer, or a crafter. The good news is that creativity doesn’t have to elude you.
Even if you’re dealing with the worst case of writer’s block in the history of writer’s block, you can boost your creativity and get over the hurdle with a few simple techniques.
Work at Creativity Every Day
 Work at Creativity Every Day
No matter if you’re a writer or an artist, if you want to be creative, you need to work at it every day. Even creative experts don’t find their jobs easy all the time. They keep working at it. You need to be dedicated to your craft and get into a routine. It’s amazing how getting into the habit of creativity can help boost your creativity and ward away cases of writer’s block.
If you’re struggling to get into the habit, add creative time to your daily schedule using our 2016 Diary. Even if you can only give yourself five minutes while you ride the bus to work, practicing your craft will help you stay creative no matter what.
Look for Inspiration
Look for Inspiration 
Inspiration isn’t always automatic, but it can be found all around you. Are you struggling to come up with a new story idea or subject for your drawing? Go somewhere and find inspiration. Head to the shops and go people watching. Head to the park, watch kids play, and listen in on conversations. You can use any activity in your life to find your creativity. Plus, getting out helps you feel refreshed, revived, and inspired.
Change Your Environment
Change Your Environment 
Sometimes your creativity can feel stunted because everything looks and feels the same. If you always write, paint, or dance in the same room day-after-day, maybe it’s time for a change. Take a trip and head to your local coffee shop, library, or park and change your environment. New surroundings can give you a new outlook.
And if you want an even bigger change, try using a different format. If you always write on your laptop, put it away and write in our Words to Live By Leather Journal instead. Changing not only where you’re creative but how you’re creative can open new paths.
Try Something Wacky
Creativity doesn’t have to be droll and inspired by some deep spiritual connection with the universe. In fact, creativity can be found anywhere and by doing anything. If you’re struggling to get that extra oomph you’ve been looking for, try some of these wacky ideas:
  1. Talk to an imaginary friend. They can be helpful and nice.
  2. Curse like a sailor. Believe us. Cursing is great for letting out frustration and stress.
  3. Chug some more caffeine. You know that there’s no such thing as too much coffee or tea.
  4. Embrace messiness. Stop trying to make creativity an ordered process. Do something unpredictable and let your mind wander.
  5. Do some chores. Sometimes the mundane can help your brain relax and give you a burst of creativity.
  6. Browse old photos. Your memories can be packed with great creative ideas, and you can use photos to jog it loose.
  7. Play on social media. Social media can be a time suck, but it can also be a gold mine of ideas.
  8. Steal ideas. If you’re really stuck, go to the library and read books for novel ideas, or go to the museum and look at paintings to help you draw.
The truth is that creativity is a process just like anything else. Whenever you’re feeling blocked or like you’re the dullest and least creative person on the planet, take a step back and remember that sometimes you’re going to have to work at it.
Now, get started!


Leona Reign:

Thank you for this post!
Have had a terrible case of creativity block recently. Definitely lifted my spirits. :)

Mar 07, 2016

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