Are You Busy or Productive?  
There’s never enough time in the day. Even if you’ve planned your day down to the last second, it seems that something always comes up and gets in the way of your plan. Worse yet are those days where it feels like you’re busy from morning until night but, when you get to the end of the day, you discover that your list has been left unchecked. Time management can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. You can increase your productivity and end every day with a smile on your face by following a few tips.
Stop Procrastinating
If you’re that person who always says, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” that has to change. It’s time to recognise the emotions that keep you from getting your work done and to ignore the distractions that are keeping you from reaching your goals.
The best way to stop procrastinating is to use a notepad—like our Leather Binder Ring Notepad—to write down a list of everything that you need to complete that day. Prioritise your list by deadline and importance, and then, check off each item as it’s completed. The list will keep you on track and help you to identify when you’ve been procrastinating.
Use our Leather Binder Ring Notepad to write yourself a quick list! 
Surround Yourself with a Good Team
Whether you’re a boss of a 100-person company or an independent solo-preneur, the people you surround yourself with can make a huge difference in your productivity. It’s insane to think that you can get everything done in a vacuum and on your own. Instead, find a group of employees, coworkers, friends, and family who can be your backup.
A happy and fun workplace can help you increase your productivity, and dedicated friends and coworkers can help you produce the best outcome. Find the people that will help you succeed, and then keep them by your side, always.
Prioritise Your Work
Doing for the sake of doing keeps you busy, not productive. Not every task on your to-do list needs to be completed today or even this week. Don’t fill your day with busy-work, fill your day with tasks that matter.
An easy way to prioritise is to get our Everyday Essentials Pack and use it. Why does this work?
  • The diary/calendar helps you review deadlines and to decide what can be put off until the afternoon or tomorrow. It will also help you develop a daily schedule.
  • The journal will let you organise each day as soon as you wake up or walk into the office. Simply write out your list of to-dos for each day and cross each off as it’s completed.
  • The pen will help you feel accomplished because scratching out a priority assignment is far more satisfying than hitting the delete button on your keyboard.
Everyday Essentials Pack 
Use “Do Not Disturb”
We all have a “Do Not Disturb” feature on our phone, emails, instant messengers, and doors for a reason. Use it! Constant interruption is the worst thing for productivity. If you have assignments that need to be completed, pop on your “Do Not Disturb” and mean it.
What if you never have time for “Do Not Disturb”? Schedule time. Each day requires time where you’re not distracted, and you can focus on completing your tasks. Even if you just give yourself 30 minutes each day, it’s a start. If you don’t have a sign for your office, write DO NOT DISTURB on your Marble Memo Cube paper and slap it on your door.
   Do Not Disturb
5 More Tips for Productivity
  1. Get your most-dreaded and hated task out of the way first thing in the morning. By gritting your teeth and getting it over with, you don’t have to carry the negative feeling around all day.
  2. Stop multi-tasking and focus on completing one task at a time. You can either do 50 things poorly and slowly or one thing quickly and competently. Productivity requires you to stay focused on each task until it is done. Then, you can move on.
  3. Take time each day to stop and reflect, particularly during high-stress times. Stress is a productivity killer, so make sure that, whenever possible, you take a few moments to breathe and reflect. When you’re relaxed and calm, you can get far more completed.
  4. Know when you’re at your best and use those times to complete your tasks. If you’re incredibly productive and vigilant in the morning, plan your most difficult tasks for that time and then save your easier jobs for the afternoon, when you’re running out of steam.
  5. Use a timer to keep you on track and on target. Sometimes the only way you can get tasks done is to grin and bear it by punching out as much work as possible as quickly as possible. An egg timer or productivity timer on your computer can help.
Use a Timer to Keep You on Track 
Every day is a new opportunity to be more productive and goal-oriented. Give yourself credit for every success, and when you fail, pick yourself up and try again tomorrow. If you begin to make the tips in this article a part of your daily life, eventually they’ll become habits and your productivity will soar!

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