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Whether you work from home, in a studio space or in an open plan office, the space you work in has a huge impact on how productive, motivated and inspired you are on a daily basis. Chances are your workspace is where you spend a large majority of your day, so it only makes sense that it’s designed for optimal productivity, creativity and looks awesome too! Here are our top tips on how to create your most inspirational workspace. 

You’ve probably heard the saying; “Tidy room, tidy mind”. The same goes for desks and workspaces. Desk clutter can be defined as anything unfinished, unresolved, untidy, or disorganised. It can weigh on our minds, stress us out, decrease our motivation and distract us.
If you want to increase your motivation and productivity in one fell swoop, get cracking on de-cluttering your workspace. This means anything from storing your stationery, filing paperwork or throwing away things you no longer need.
If you’re finding it difficult to ascertain what can stay and what has to go, ask yourself these 3 questions:
1. Is it useful? (Have you used it recently?)
2. Is it beautiful or inspirational?
3. Is it loved?

If you’re answer to all 3 is “no”, then it’s clutter and it has to go! If you answered “yes” to any of these then find somewhere to keep the article. Obviously some desk essentials need to be within reach, like a notepad and pen (check out our Leather Binder Ring Notepad or Marble Memo Cube here) but everything else should have a place.

De-Clutter your space 

Inspirational Materials.
Inspiring visuals can not only add personality to a space, but also stimulate further creativity and originality away from the computer screen or task at hand.
Try personalising your space by adding elements that are inspirational or unique to you, such as photographs, candles or trinkets that have meaning to you. One of our favourite ways to create inspiration in a workspace is through a mood board. Collect gorgeous images, uplifting quotes, postcards, ribbons & notes and pin them up on a pin-board somewhere you can easily view them. Your own collection of inspirational materials and visuals will give you a more positive outlook and you’ll instantly feel more motivated!
Pinterest can be a quick and easy tool to collect and refine your inspirational images and ideas in the one place. Use our boards to get your started! Head to Jot it Down on Pinterest here.

 Pin-board Style



If you can only do one thing to improve your workspace, and pin-boards aren’t really your thing, invest in a plant or some flowers for your desk. Visual charm aside, studies have shown that plants have a range of amazing benefits such as helping us feel more relaxed, centred and reducing stress in the work place.
Depending on your space, you might consider adding anything from a potted fern to a more compact terrarium, or just a single flower in a cute vase - there are so many options! Here are some styling ideas to give you some inspiration (hyperlink or images).

 Simple Greenery - image via Pinterest

Natural Lighting.
Let the sun shine in! Letting natural light and even some fresh air, into your working environment can lift your spirits, reduce anxiety and revitalise your mind. Numerous studies have shown that getting sufficient natural light in your work day also increases vitality, productivity and motivation (bonus: it’ll also help you sleep better at night!).
Aim to get as much natural light during the day as possible. Try to arrange your desk near a window to allow the most amount of natural light to stream in. If you can’t negotiate a desk or space near a window, get up and go for a walk on your break. Not only will this allow you to soak up some natural rays, it’ll give you a good energy boost to get you through the rest of the day!

 Natural Light

Consider Your Feng Shui.
If you’re feeling like you really want to take your inspiration and productivity to the next level (and you’ve implemented all other points thus far), why not consider Feng Shui as the icing on the cake?
Feng Shui (the ancient Chinese art of placement) is the practise of harmonising and aligning the energy of your environment with your own personal energy. Feng Shui practitioners believe placement of objects in a room or space will effect the energy (or qi/chi) within it. If good qi is flowing, the space will feel good and so will the person in it! Pretty cool, huh?
The Command or Power position described in Feng Shui, is the place in a room or space where a person feels the most empowered and protected. This is where your desk and chair should be located, with a view of the door and a solid wall behind your back (psychologically we feel more comfortable when we can see everything that is approaching us). If you can’t arrange both of these in your work place, aim for at least one.
This position will allow you to feel confident, more focused and motivated.
Not convinced? The good news is, if you’ve de-cluttered, added natural light and some greenery to your desk or room, you’ve unwittingly created better Feng Shui in your space anyway. Too easy!

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