5 Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels
It’s a terrifying six-letter word that sends you diving for the chocolate and ice cream. There’s no doubt that stress is killing us, slowly but surely. And it’s almost impossible to avoid. Your job, relationships, and your home life can all cause you to stress out.
Our lives are just too hectic! In fact, 35% of Australians admit to feeling significant stress every day, and that’s bad news. Stress causes your muscles to tense up, your lungs to breathe faster, your heart rate to speed up, and your blood sugar to increase. It’s a nightmare on your body.
So, how do you get rid of stress? Truthfully, it’s impossible to eliminate stress from your life, but you can learn how to manage it better, so you don’t burn out and fall apart.
Get Organised
Get Organised!
Mess = Stress!
There’s no denying that a messy house, life, and job can cause endless stress because feeling out of control is terrifying. You can fix this by getting organised and getting in control of every detail of your life. Use your 2016 Jot it Down Diary and Pre-Order our 2017 Jot it Down Diary to help you keep track of everything that is going on in your life. If you can learn to plan out every meeting, jot down your to-do lists, and follow your plans, you’ll get rid of the mess and the stress.
Know How to Unwind
Know How to Unwind
Life is crazy. We’re not denying it. We know exactly how easy it is to get so caught up in the day-to-day minutia that we forget to live, but that’s a recipe for disaster. If you want to cut back on your stress, you have to learn how to unwind and take a break. Even if you have ten things to do on your list, it’s okay to put them off for some “me time.” The key is using your time wisely. Instead of chilling in front of the TV, do something like exercise, yoga, or meditation instead. Physical activity releases endorphins, which make you happy, and meditation helps you reevaluate what really matters so you can take charge of your life and your stress.
Be More Mindful 
Whenever you feel stress sneaking up on you, pause and take at least 30 seconds to be mindful. Get out of your head and emotions and start paying attention to everything around you. Instead of focusing on how stressed you are, focus on the air blowing against your skin and the smells in the air. The key is learning to control your mind by becoming fully present and aware of your circumstances. (Read our blog post on Practising Mindfulness Everyday to find out more).
Learn How to Breathe 
When you stress, you breathe too fast. Changing how you breathe during stress can change how you react. No matter what stressful situation you find yourself in, practising deep breathing for a few minutes increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and promotes feelings of calmness and peace. Think of deep breathing as pressing the reset button in your brain. And the good news is that you can practise breathing in any situation, even on stage during a presentation.
Get Creative
Get Creative!
When you’re stressed, your brain starts running at 1,000 kilometres an hour, which can be difficult to stop. When you can’t switch off your brain, switch it over instead to something creative. Being creative makes you happy. In fact, the act of creativity helps to disrupt mental patterns of stress and anguish. So, next time you’re feeling stressed switch your focus to writing in a journal, drawing, scrapbooking, or whatever hobby you have that lets you express your artistic side. Creativity allows you to put your thoughts into perspective, exactly what you need to handle a stressful situation.
Isn’t it about time that we started to stress less and live more?
- JID x

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