4 Simple Resolutions for a Productive 2017
Whether 2016 turned out the way you were hoping or not, there’s good news. 2017 is a new year, and that means you have a chance for a fresh start! What's that you say? But it's already February? Well, we're here to say, that doesn't matter! You can resolve to change your life habits at any time, there's no such things as "too late". This is especially true when it comes to cutting down on clutter, getting more organised and being super productive. The time is now! 
The first thing to do is take a step back and work out how you can have a more productive year than the last. It’s a huge and unwieldy goal, but one that I strive for each and every year by making a few simple resolutions. That’s right. I don’t make the overwhelming resolution to “Reach all of my goals” or “To get organised.” Instead, it's best to break it down into four simple resolutions that anyone can accomplish.
Resolve to Write It Down
Resolve to Write it Down
You know all those thoughts, ideas, and plans that pop into your head at the most inconvenient moments? Stop ignoring them and start writing them down. We all need help remembering important ideas and plans which is why our Jot It Down 2017 Diary & Planner is the perfect accessory for a busy life. Keep it in your bag and no matter where you are, you can quickly and conveniently pull it out to make a to-do list, jot down a meeting, or write out a new idea for your next creative project. The benefit of writing it down is that you don’t forget what really matters and the act of seeing your thoughts on paper helps you figure things out more clearly.
Resolve to Plan Ahead
Resolve to Write It Down   
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so busy that there’s no thought of planning ahead; it’s all I can do to keep my head above water. Unfortunately, this means that many of my goals to stay organised fall apart. The truth is that living an organised life takes scheduling. You need to plan out how you want to achieve the big goals in your life. For example, if your goal is to de-clutter your house in 2017, you need a plan to make it happen, or you’ll find yourself in December next year not knowing what happened. And one of the keys to planning ahead is writing it down.
Resolve to Prioritise
Let’s be really honest. Life has a way of getting away from us. No matter how much we plan, life doesn’t follow our schedule. That’s why it’s so important to prioritise those goals that really matter. If you have 20 things that you want to get done in the week, month or year, make sure you prioritise those five to six items that you “must-do.” There’s only so much energy in each day, and you only have so much time to give. Make sure you give your time to what matters most, or you’ll end up sitting mindlessly in front of the TV while the items that really matter fall by the wayside. 
Resolve to Commit
If you want a productive 2017 or even just a productive day, then you need to resolve to commit to it. That means you’re going to have to be ruthless with yourself and others. Make it a weekly habit to recommit yourself to your goals. In fact, I recommend making it a standing appointment in your 2017 Diary. Every Sunday, before you start the new work week, open up your planner and look at what you have scheduled for the week ahead—adding any of those priorities we talked about—then, commit yourself to getting it all done. Only by constantly recommitting to your 2017 resolutions will you see them come to fruition.
What are your 2017 resolutions? Have you kept to them? Tell us below!

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