Upcycle Your Old Candle Vessels
So you've purchased a luxury candle. You've burned it, smelled it, enjoyed and loved it. But now it's finished  (weeps) and headed straight for the recycle bin, right? WRONG!
As a candle enthusiast myself, I'll be the first to admit that my obsession for luxury candles goes past the basic wick and wax of a candle. Yes, they smell divine and can instantly relax the vibe of any room, but the beautiful vessels are what really grab me. And there are so many to chose from! Be it brass, glass, marble or concrete, these vessels (with candle or without) can be the perfect finishing touch to any space.
My love for these gorgeous pieces means that I am physically unable to throw them away! Lucky for me, just because they no longer serve as candles, doesn't mean they've done their dash! Your old candle vessels can easily be turned into pen holders, vases, and ornaments you can keep for years to come!
Follow our simple steps to transforming your candle vessels (p.s. it really is quick and simple)!
Up-cycle your candle vessels    
What you'll need:
- Empty candle vessels
A freezer
- 1 x Butter knife
- Paper towel
1. Your empty candle vessel will most likely still have residual wax and what's left of a wick at the bottom of it. Simply place the vessel in your freezer for a few hours (over night if possible) until the wax has frozen.
2. Remove the vessel from the freezer and take out your butter knife. Use the butter knife to carefully break up the wax at the bottom (or sides) of the vessel. You should find that the wax easily crumbles and detaches from the vessel due to it's temperature.
(Wax can be tricky to remove but this method works a treat!)
Use the butter knife to break up residual wax
2. Empty the crumbled wax into the bin and then take your paper towel and wipe down the inside of the vessel. You should find that any left over residual wax is wiped away by the paper towel (including any black burn marks). If you are still left with a little remaining wax that wont wipe away, you may need to add some Orange Power (or similar) to your paper towel to dissolve the remnants. 
Wipe down your vessels with paper towel
3. Your candle vessels should now be clean of old wax and burn marks which means they are ready to up-cycle!  Tip: The freezer shouldn't effect the stickiness of any label on your vessels, however, you can easily remove old stickers by submerging vessels in hot water until the label is soft enough to peel off. 
If you want to spruce up your workspace, we think old candle vessels make for perfect pen holders, adding character and style to any desk space. Pick up one of our Feather Pens to complete the look!
Pen holders
Perfectly styled workspace
- JID x

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