Top 10 Reasons To Write in a Travel Journal
There’s nothing better than exploring the world. When most of us pack up our bags and prepare to travel to another country or city, the only thing we grab is our phone or our camera. We think that hundreds of photos will be enough to get all the details and special moments documented, right? Not true.
When we travel, every experience holds great significance. But no matter how unique, powerful, amazing, or beautiful the journey, our minds have a hard time remembering the particulars. That’s why a travel journal, like our 'Explore, Dream Discover' Journal, is so valuable. It helps us record every moment of every adventure!
So, what are the top 10 reasons you need a travel journal?
'Explore, Dream Discover' Travel Journal
It Safeguards Our Memories
Unfortunately, few of us have a photographic memory. For the rest of us, memories are transient. Each day of travel is so packed with electric, fresh, funky, and outrageous experiences that it can be hard to keep track of each one. The truth is that no matter how powerful or touching your experience; your mind has a hard time holding the details. With a travel journal, you can write down the importance of every adventure to remember forever.
It’s a Fantastic Keepsake
Nowadays, we all take photos on our phones, but how often do we really scroll through our thousands of pictures? Instead, a journal is something you can flip through quickly and easily whenever you want. You can even throw your travel-worn journal into a drawer and then take it out years later and remember every experience like it was yesterday.
 It Anchor’s You
Travelling is a wonderful experience, but it also takes you out of your comfort zone. Throughout your trip, you’ll experience bliss, courage, fear, stress, anger, alienation, boredom, awe, and more. A travel journal can be your safe harbour in the storm where you can deepen your reflections, write out your experiences, and come back to a place of peace. Journaling demands stillness and concentration, something you need while you travel.
It Encourages Self-Discovery
Have you ever been somewhere new and discovered something profound about yourself? Of course you have. But it’s hard to make those profound moments stick if you don’t write them down. When you use your  'Explore, Dream Discover' Journal to write out each breakthrough, it will help you navigate the discoveries and obstacles of your travel in new and fresh ways.
Travel Journal
It Allows You to be More Mindful
The 'Explore, Dream Discover' Journal is filled with 'meditation moment' pages for you to colour or sketch to help you cultivate mindfulness on your travels. Whether you use these pages to take time out from your busy journey, or fill them in while sitting on a bus, train or plane, they are sure to inspire you to be in the moment and reflect on where you've been and what you've done! 
It Collects Important Information
Your travel journal doesn’t just have to be a diary of your experiences; it’s also a vault of vital information. If you keep your journal with you wherever you go, you can quickly and easily write down pertinent information that you could need later on. If you’re at a coffee shop, and you ask the barista for the best spa in Italy, jot down the name in your journal before you move on.
It Can Be as Unique as You
No one says that your travel journal has to look like a mini-biography. It can be as random as you want. That's why our travel journal has blank pages for your to paste, scribble, tape or glue in whatever you like! You can pack your Journal with postcards from your favourite locations, flowers from your trip through a park, or brochures from your tours. You can even add doodles and drawings to better represent your experiences.
It Helps You Connect
If you love to travel, then you also probably love to meet people. Your journal can make this easier. Instead of trying to collect business cards or remember names, addresses, and phone numbers off the top of your head, use your travel journal to stash information about every person you meet.
It Breeds Creativity
Creativity rarely happens at home in your pyjamas. Keeping a travel journal is also like keeping a notebook of your most creative ideas. Travel renews your youth and helps you regain your zest for life. Don’t let that go to waste by using your unfamiliar surroundings to help you come up with a new story, painting, or music idea. Use your notebook as your portable canvas.
It’s a Wonderful Outlet
Whether you’re bored because you’re eating alone or you’re feeling stressed in a taxi on the way to the airport, any of our journals (try our Timeless Leather Journal) can be your outlet for stress, boredom, joy, sadness, and more. Travel isn’t always easy, and a journal can be your lifeline that you can hold onto no matter what is happening around you.
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