Best practices to build long term relationships with your clients

Relationships are the cornerstone of freelance writing. They are critically important, especially in the situation where you’ve never met each other in person. Instead of learning about who you are through talking to you in real life, they will be learning based on how you behave.

Here are a few tips for freelance writers that can help them make sure they develop and maintain strong relationships with clients in order to keep a strong writing career going. Strong relationships will also lead to the most positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Hit your due dates

Nothing will give you more trouble in a relationship with a client than not hitting your deadlines. We recommend even trying to be early whenever you can as well. Clients appreciate when your articles are on time or even early. We’ve found over the years that if you hit deadlines well enough, that over time you will even start to be considered dependable.


Communication is key, especially when it comes to working remotely on long term projects. If there’s a chance you’re going to be late with something, it’s much better to tell the client this nice and early then for you to ambush it with them at the last second or not even tell them at all. When it comes to long-term relationships, we’ve found that it’s of considerable importance to give clients the idea that when they message you, that you will message them back quickly. If they feel like they are messaging you and that message is going to fall off into a void somewhere, they will quickly lose trust for you.

And, if they lose trust for you, then you will quickly find yourself out of a job.

Build trust

Saying that you will do something on time and then doing it is just part of building trust. The same goes for being communicative and paying attention to what the client is saying. Other parts of building trust include being upfront about what you want and making sure you pay attention to what they want.

Ideally, both parties should know roughly when the situation they’ve built together is going to end, how many rewrites are to be expected, how much the rate is going to be, and other considerations. The clients should also be able to build trust in you by realizing that you will pay attention to what they want and even ask questions if you don’t end up understanding it for some reason instead of just guessing randomly and ignoring all messages.

Wrapping Up

Once you’ve built long-term relationships with clients, you will quickly find that these relationships end up being one of the most important parts of your business. Finding reliable work as a freelance writer can be difficult. The relationships you build that garner trust on both sides will be what you end up relying on the day in and day out for your income in the long-run.